Artsy Affair

Artsy Affair

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Third Day of Artsy

Happy Halloween Everyone!

And on the Third Day of Artsy...Your sure to be filled with glee with photos from Soggy Dog Designs. Artist Wendy Jung's basic philosophy behind Soggy Dog Designs is to have as much FUN as possible while creating wonderful, moving photographs. Since its inception her goal has been to provide clients (aka 'soggy dogs') with pictures that clients will love to look at for the rest of their lives, but that are also affordable.  Wendy is teaming up with her friend Doris Gagne who is launching her new business that includes owls, bags and recycled goods.

Wendy is excited to be bringing a "Photo Booth" to Artsy so that people can grab memories of their night out. Maybe a gift for you and your friends? And be sure to check out her latest venture in some pretty cool frames!

Regina Kusche of Akousa is ready to warm your heart, head and hands with her beautiful pieces. Her art takes all forms starting out with an unassuming discarded sweater.  From there she takes them and pieces them together until you have a variety of clothing and decorations from said recycled sweaters. Come and check out these amazing, one of a kind pieces at Artsy and especially with this purchase, you can feel good about buying local and handmade with Akousa. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Second Day of Artsy

On the Second Day Of Artsy... 

You're bound to be happy, with a new piece from Seth Helie Designs! Self described as Contemporary designs with classic lines, Seth's Custom-crafted furniture is built to last for generations.  A local boy, this artisan has grown up with Maine in his heart and his hands.  His quiet power seems to flow directly into his work and result in pieces any home would delight in finding in their rooms.  Come and see his work, grab a take home piece or place an order for that custom piece missing from your living room, bedroom, or any room! 


And what holiday is complete without some fleece to keep your loved ones warm? Especially the little tykes? Be sure you check out Little Planet Creations fleece emporium of Hats and Sweatshirts, maybe even a scarf??  Anne Roberts is sure to keep the little munchkins in your world warm and fuzzy with these adorable applique pieces.

 So be sure to come by and check out all the hard & soft wear available at Artsy
Thursday November 10, 2011 5pm to 9pm
The Inn at Brunswick Station!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The First Day of Artsy

So how did Artsy come into being?

Brunswick’s own Carrie Sullivan of Sheabella Tutus, having participated in similar evening events in Boston, knew the concept would work in Brunswick. Carrie sat down to coffee with Heidi Boyd of Heidi Boyd Designs and together they made the commitment to bring Artsy Affair to reality. The two enlisted the help of event planner, Amanda Similien of Maine Street Events, who has been the key to creating Artsy’s success. They have been so impressed and inspired by the creative talent in the Mid-Coast Maine area, and thrilled by the amazing reception and support of the local community to this unique handmade marketplace!

The Inn at Brunswick Station in Brunswick, Maine is the host of this year’s Artsy Affair. This festive evening provides a unique opportunity to shop for cool, locally-crafted items, grab a delicious bite at the Tavern and relax with drink by the Inn’s cozy fire.
Each day leading up to Artsy Affair you will meet some of the talented artists joining us the year.

The Twelve Days of Artsy
On the FIRST DAY of ARTS…meet Sheabella Tutus and Heidi Boyd Design

Sheabella Tutus features "handmade twirls for little girls" – tutus in a rainbow of colors and designs! Dress-up fun abounds with Sheabella’s mermaid tails, wands, crowns, aprons and (yummy) necklaces, as well as the popular flower rings (crafted by Shea herself) – a great stocking stuffer!

Heidi Boyd is the author of more than a dozen craft books, her latest Stitched Whimsy has just been released. Along with a selection of her books, Heidi will be filling her display with adorable sewn toys, a selection of handcrafted jewelry, and painted reclaimed wood creations she makes with her husband Jon. She’s especially excited to debut her new line of Whimsy Kits at Artsy. Sweet little felt stitching kits that make it easy to create your own little softie.

Tune in tomorrow for more Artsy Affair Designs from our Holiday Marketplace participants!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Artsy Affair: A Hand Made Holiday Marketpkace is set to take place this November 10th, 2011 from 5PM to 9PM at the Inn at Brunswick Station on Maine Street in Brunswick. There is a great group of artists slated to participate including:

Earth Tones & Fish Bones
H. Monique Designs
Heidi Boyd design
High Wire Handmade 
In Lulu’s Garden
Lacey Pots 
Lily Pad Designs
Little Planet Creations
Littleput Land
Lofted Designs
Marg & Doots
Penobscot Bay Porch Swings
Purple Bean Bindery
Seth Heile Designs
Sheabella Tutus
Soggy Dog Designs 
Studio Bene
Sea Flour
Sweet Mojo Apothecary
Thiemke-Green Designs
Twig Naturals
Zinnia Clothing

Keep your eyes posted - The 12 Days of Artsy are a coming!