Artsy Affair

Artsy Affair

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Third Day of Artsy

Happy Halloween Everyone!

And on the Third Day of Artsy...Your sure to be filled with glee with photos from Soggy Dog Designs. Artist Wendy Jung's basic philosophy behind Soggy Dog Designs is to have as much FUN as possible while creating wonderful, moving photographs. Since its inception her goal has been to provide clients (aka 'soggy dogs') with pictures that clients will love to look at for the rest of their lives, but that are also affordable.  Wendy is teaming up with her friend Doris Gagne who is launching her new business that includes owls, bags and recycled goods.

Wendy is excited to be bringing a "Photo Booth" to Artsy so that people can grab memories of their night out. Maybe a gift for you and your friends? And be sure to check out her latest venture in some pretty cool frames!

Regina Kusche of Akousa is ready to warm your heart, head and hands with her beautiful pieces. Her art takes all forms starting out with an unassuming discarded sweater.  From there she takes them and pieces them together until you have a variety of clothing and decorations from said recycled sweaters. Come and check out these amazing, one of a kind pieces at Artsy and especially with this purchase, you can feel good about buying local and handmade with Akousa. 

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