Artsy Affair

Artsy Affair

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Fifth Day of Artsy

On the Fifth Day of Artsy, my true love brought to me...

A cupcake filled with yummy rasberries! Marg & Doots Home Baked Goodness  is the creation of two lifelong friends who replaced their Easybake Oven creations with real home baked goods just like your mom used to make. Treats include squares of all sorts (lemon, ruby, nanaimo, and tweed, just to name a few), scones, pies, coffee cakes, and other traditional Newfoundland delights. Sarah and Rachel will provide you with a treat to go with your beverage at Artsy Affair, or a box to bring home to your sweet tooth true love!

And because the treats will have you going home to pull out your grandmother's holiday recipes, don't forget to swing by Littleput Land's  table where you will find the best magnets ever just the right size! But that is not all that Casie brings to Artsy Affair- There are necklaces, tins for fun little finds, calendars, mirrors and more. Come check out here treasures and we are sure you will not leave empty handed!

Mark your calendar- Thursday November 10th, 5pm to 9pm at 
The Inn at Brunswick Station!

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