Artsy Affair

Artsy Affair

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tenth Day of Artsy!

It's the Tenth Day of Artsy Affair, and my true love got for you...

A HighWire Handmade from Sophia Sarno! Always learning from her father, she was taught to look up when she walks. That's where she find birds and wires, open skies, clouds and lots of inspiration. Then  translating the colors, lines and atmosphere seen above, into her jewelry. This season sees an expansion of the High Wire Handmade watercolor pendants with new rings and earrings to the collection. Sophia sticks to what makes them special, and crafts each piece from an original, tiny painting. Her favorite gifts have always been the small, unique ones made with love, and she hopes to help fill some stockings with just that!

 And don't forget the smaller true love on your holiday list! Lily Pad Designs is happy to be launching Thimbleberry Dolls at Artsy Affair this year.  These dolls are unique soft dolls, each with a different old fashioned name with a modern look.  Special orders can be placed to have specific hair color, hair style, facial expressions and dress color as well as naming a special doll for your special child.  Plus their holiday decor favorites of wreaths and needle felted ornaments, jewelry and home goods, Erin & Carrie will have something for everyone on your list!

Artsy Affair is just a few days out... get your dinner reservations early!
Thursday November 10th, 5pm to 9pm
Brunswick, ME

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